ceph\linkage bug??

Juliette Faraco faraco at cmgm.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 19 14:22:02 EST 1995

Our lab has a 486 pc clone which we use to run Linkage 5.1, and also the
ceph reference pedigree interface program.  We notice a strange thing
when we use either Linkage alone, or linkage with the ceph software.
The machine seems to want to hang completely, or sometimes the keyboard
freezes after only a second or two of no typing.  The keyboard problem happens
AFTER we've finished the linkage, and will occur while using programs within
windows, or while running a vt100 emulator.  The keyboard problem occurs
after using linkage, but persists even after multiple re-boots- not just
resets.  This doesn't seem like a typical software bug, but it only occurs
after having used the linkage suite and seems to be too consistant to be just
a cooincidence.  

Does anybody recognize the problem I've described?  or know what the solution
might be? 

         thanks, and please e-mail me in addition to posting to this group.

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