HELP on REAP, Roff & Bentzen algorithm

Adam J. Trickett gen5ajt at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 12:57:48 EST 1995

Hello netters,

Does anyone out there have a PC copy of the algorithm to do the Roff & Bentzen 
calculation from Roff & Bentzen Mol. Biol. Evol. 6(5):359-545 1989.

A senior collegue would like to be able to do the calculation, but does not 
want to have to write a program to do it himself. He has a Mac copy of the 
program, but Leeds is a VERY PC based University and a Mac program is next to 

If you know where I can find a copy of a program that can do this I would be 
greatful. He believes it may be part of the REAP package, but he is not sure.

Alternativly Roff or Bentzen's e-mail may help.

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