ANNOUNCE: New Windows Client keeps PC and UNIX mail in synch

Nahum Sharfman nahum at shell.portal.com
Wed Jan 18 20:27:14 EST 1995

CommTouch Software announces the release of Pronto/IP version 1.0. 
Pronto/IP is a Windows Mail client to any TCP/IP host that supports the SMTP 
and POP3 protocols. It offers easy installation, feature rich advanced GUI 
interface and mail synchronization between PC and host. 
Pronto/IP supports industry standards - Windows Sockets, MIME and SUN 
attachments, POP, SMTP and others.

Pronto/IP works in conjunction with the company's previous product, 
Pronto/Remote. Pronto/Remote works with shell accounts over dialup lines.
Starting from Pronto/Remote's version 2.0 to be released in 
January 1995, both versions of Pronto will be able to work from the same 
directory and share mail, folders, aliases and so on. 

PROMPT                  COMMAND
System prompt           ftp commtouch.com
login:                  anonymous
password:               your userid
ftp>                    cd pub/commtouch
ftp>                    binary
ftp>                    get prontoip.exe
ftp>                    quit

After you have the file on your PC run the executable from a DOS command line 
to extract the installation files, and then from Windows run setup to perform 
actual installation.

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