GCG-menu for GCG V8.0

Roy Omond omond at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jan 18 05:09:13 EST 1995

In article <1995Jan17.184444.159 at immunbio.mpg.de>, GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
(Christoph Gartmann) writes:

> a new version of GCG-menu for VMS/OpenVMS is now available at the
> EBI-fileserver. It includes adaptions to GCG V8.0 .
> What is GCG-menu?
>   It's a menu driven interface for the GCG programs. Users may find the
>   program they need in a more intuitive way (requires only a VT100).
> How to get it?
> By mail:
>  Send a message to "netserv at embl-heidelberg.de" containing the following
Please note: while we will continue to redirect mail sent to the Heidelberg
address for the foreseeable future, you are likely to see much better
response from the server if you use the address "netserv at ebi.ac.uk".

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