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Alexey V. Leznikov alex at winware.spb.su
Wed Jan 18 09:33:34 EST 1995


We have found out that there appears a program called "SciProtein" (for
Windows) that provides a set of tools to investigate protein structure and
function through homology searching, motif identification, sequence property
maps, and construction of secondary structures.

With SciProtein, it is possible to find motifs and helical segments to
identify probable protein interactive sites or membrane spanning segments. One
can determine homologous sequences with other proteins. and predict effects on
secondary structure changes in site mutational experiments; match partial or
total primary or secondary structures with other proteins using the compressed
form of the PDB Databank; predict secondary structures or build one based on a
user defined set of training proteins;  visualize 3-D Structures in HyperChem;
obtain research quality results at the desktop.

We liked an intuitive user friendly windows based interface. Program comes
with free copmpressed PDB for fast homology search and alignment.

We understand that the program is being distributed by SciVision
(SCIVISION at DELPHI.COM) and that by now they have the demo version available.

Alex V. Leznikov
alex at winware.spb.su
WinWare Research Group

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