UNIX to Mac transfer problems

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Mon Jan 16 08:27:12 EST 1995

In article <3f7dsp$qbc at news.iastate.edu>, senicol at iastate.edu (Stephen E
Nicol) wrote:

> I have been having a difficult time trying to transfer executable programs from a UNIX system to my Mac.  Even though I designate the transfer (Kermit or Zmodem) and designate my protocol as binary, my Mac still receives the programs as a documen.  Any advise on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

The executables are in Mac format, and get to Unix somehow. Then the
resource fork is lost, and it has lost its excecuting capability. First
(gnu)zip the program, then transfer it to unix, then to mac (all binary)
and then unzip it on the mac again.
An alternative may be that the program is packed by a stuffer that is not
available on your mac.  Or it is in gnuzip format (ending with .gz) that is
not recognised by the mac as such. Drag and drop to macgzip.

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