Collecting information on simulation codes for a new book

John K. Prentice john at quetzal.quetzalcoatl.com
Fri Jan 13 19:12:11 EST 1995

I am writing a chapter on simulation tools for a book on computational
science (part of the D.O.E. CSEP project).  This chapter deals with
the use of computer simulation codes for doing science.  For example,
codes such as GAUSS, Spice, and DYNA.  Part of the chapter will be
a survey of the simulation codes that are widely used in different
fields.  Toward that end, I am collecting information from scientists
about what simulation codes they regularly use in their own research.
If you know of or use simulation codes in your research, I would much
appreciate a note about what code or codes you use.  How do these
codes fit into your research and how important are they to your work?
Do they take the place of having to write your own simulation codes,
or merely supplement codes you develop yourself?  Also, any information
about who produces the code and a contact name and phone number 
(or e-mail address) would be very valuable.  If you have information 
about the codes I mentioned (GAUSS, Spice, and DYNA), I would appreciate
that too since I am not personally that familiar with them.

To clarify what I mean by simulation codes, I am thinking of codes
for modeling physical phenomena in a general way but targeted at
a specific field.  For example, codes for doing general molecular
structure calculations, codes for modeling the structural response
of arbitrary solids (buildings, bridges, cars, whatever), or
codes for modeling groundwater flow.  I am excluding from this
definition codes such as MATLAB, Maple, and Mathematica which
are not really physical simulation codes but rather general 
mathematical tools.  



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