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Tom Thatcher ttha at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Fri Jan 13 13:52:41 EST 1995

In <1995Jan13.154742.826 at chmeds.ac.nz> mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz (Martin Kennedy) writes:

>In article <1995Jan12.174611.14132 at nomina.lu.se>, Bo Servenius <bo.servenius at wblab.lu.se> writes:
>> Dear Netters
>> I have lost my url to ATCC and now when I try to find it from
>> many different list I get messages  like "server error -
>> cannot access that directory"
>> thanks for any help
>> bosse

>Here is the gopher info:

>                     Root gopher server: gopher.gdb.org

> -->  12. Search Databases at Hopkins (Vectors, Promoters, NRL-3D, EST,OMIM../
>	 -->  6.  Culture Collections (ATCC, ECACC)/

You can also gopher direct to ATCC with gopher.atcc.org

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