COILS for Unix, PC and Mac

Andrei Lupas lupas at genmic.biochem.mpg.de.
Fri Jan 13 07:32:12 EST 1995

A Unix-compatible source code for COILS 2.1, a PC/DOS 
version of COILS 2.1 and a Mac version of COILS 1.1 
are now available on the anonymous ftpserver 
FTP.BIOCHEM.MPG.DE. The files are found in the 
new folder Coils.

The list of files and their contents:

coils2.cplus.txt  Text file containing the c++ source 
                  code for COILS 2.1. This code can be 
                  compiled on UNIX machines. The transfer 
                  of the original Vax Pascal code to c++ 
                  was made by by Larry Harvie 
                  (harvie at owl.WPI.EDU).

coils2.uue        UUencoded, zipped archive containing the 
                  PC/DOS compilation of the c++ code in file 

Macstripe.hqx     BinHex4 archive containing Macstripe 1.3.1. 
                  The program represents the Macintosh version 
                  of COILS 1.1 and was written by Alex Knight 
                  (knight at wi.mit.edu).

vms               Folder containing the Vax/VMS COILS 2.1 
                  program, its documentation and prerelease 
                  versions of auxiliary programs.

Many thanks to Larry Harvie and Alex Knight for making their 
programs available. Please note that the c++ programs have a 
slightly different input file range than the original Vax Pascal 
program: they only accept one sequence per input file and are 
thrown into a loop by the * character. Please refer to the 
documentation file COILS2.DOC in the vms folder before using 
the programs.

-Andrei Lupas
lupas at vms.biochem.mpg.de

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