GDE Archive Update

Tim Littlejohn tim at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Jan 12 14:51:59 EST 1995

GDE Archive Update
The GDE package is a set of programs for multiple sequence
alignment and analysis.  The core of GDE, it's multiple sequence
manager and application launcher, was written by Steve Smith, now
at GCG (steve at gcg.com).

An archive of GDE material is maintained at the following URL:


This archive includes:
	* source code
	* documentation
	* executables
	* contributed GDEmenus files
	* news

Presently executables for the following systems are available at this
	* SunOS
	* Solaris
	* Linux
	* DEC

Thanks to Steve Smith, Norman Pieniazek and Jonathan Badger for contributing 
executables.  Executable for other systems are invited.

Please send any comments/questions about this archive to:

Tim Littlejohn
GDE Archive Administrator
gde at bch.umontreal.ca 

Tim Littlejohn

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