Does a program exist for folding 23s rRNA ?

Samuel J Mitchell samuelm at selway.umt.edu
Tue Jan 10 11:52:19 EST 1995

Hello netters,
	We've recently stumbled into the gory world of 23s ribosomes, and
are wondering if there are any programs (preferably public-domain) which
can fold a 23s rRNA with some semblance of reality.  I've checked the
Ribosomal Database Project with no success, and we don't think that the
PC-GENE RNAFOLD program (Zuker's algorithm) can handle such a long sequence.
	If anyone has any leads, or just tips on where we could get started
on folding by hand, I'd really appreciate.
	Thanks in advance!
	Sam Mitchell

	samuelm at selway.umt.edu, (406) 243-5972 (Univ. of Montana)

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