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Subject: GCG/SRS: Summary
Date: 9 Jan 1995 08:19:41 -0000

Thanks to all those who responded to my posting (and my concern) about long 
sequences in EMBL/Genbank.

Thure Etzold is working on the problem. He has fixed it in SRS #4 and 
currently works on SRS #3.1

In the meantime, my users are close to the nervous breakdown for not being 
able to use SRS ... So I tried a fix suggested by P. Rice: increase the 
maximum sequence length in GCG so as not to split the long sequences. 
Rather clever, no? But I probably did something wrong: DBIndex crashed ... 
but SRS now works! Life is hard and nobody's perfect...

I'll post another summary when EVERYTHING works.

Finally, E. Lefkowitz wrote:

> Thure has always been very diligent in responding to problems, and I would
>like to thank him for his work and the superb search utility, SRS. It is by
>far the best database searching utility I have used.

I totally agree with this! My pointing on the problems caused by long 
sequences did not imply in any way that Thure was stupid or that SRS was 


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