PC program for sequencing project wanted

Birgit Aimer c2015 at rrzc5
Mon Jan 9 09:32:24 EST 1995

Hello and happy new year out there

For my project I have to sequence a lot of short PCR products.
Since it's PCR I have to sequence each one at least twice from both ends.
And since I have a *LOT* of fragments this can get very confusing considering
hard-to-read regions etc.

So I was thinking about programming a sequence editor that allows the entry AND
storage/display of each read clone and gel.
I want to see it all on screen, at the same time. So when I read a control gel
I don't want to fumble out the former film anymore. 
("Had the gel from last week a compression at that spot as well?")

But before I start to spend a weekend writing such a thing I want to ask
if such or a similar program already exists?

Every hint is appreciated!

Keep the vibes


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