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risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr wrote:
: Hello netters,
: In a recent weekly update of the EBI databank appeared the sequences of 
: yeast chromosome II and a long E. coli contig, both of them having more 
: than 350,000 bp. As you know, GCG will split them into 2 parts.

: Now, the second part of the GCG formatted files contains NO accession 
: number. When SRS builds its indices from the GCG files, it is confused by 
: the absence of AC (at least that's what I understand) and it crashes.
: Very very ennoying...

As far as I can see from the SRS code, the AC line is required. Not an
easy way round. (But I could be wrong :-) )

: Have you any idea? Can somebody help me? I'm somewhat reluctant to simply 
: remove these sequences from the flat file, which in any case could be only 
: a very temporary fix...

An easier way would be to add a dummy accession line to these sequences.
We could ask in bionet.software.gcg if the reformatting of GCG could be
altered to add this AC line.

: Thank you

: Jean-Loup

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