Scatchard Analysis Software

Dylan Bulseco bulsecod at ucs.orst.edu
Sat Jan 7 05:36:20 EST 1995

In article <3ehenh$fbr at lastactionhero.rs.itd.umich.edu> Chris Beecher <cab at umich.edu> writes:
>From: Chris Beecher <cab at umich.edu>
>Subject: Scatchard Analysis Software
>Date: 5 Jan 1995 18:45:05 GMT

>I am looking for  PC or Mac software that can do a Scatchard analysis for
>at least one-site ligand binding experiments.

>I am already familair with Ligand and it barely gets by, can anyone
>recommend something better without spending an arm and a leg?

>chris beecher
>Univ of Mich

If you want a commercial package with built in routines (for Windows), try 
Prism (from GraphPad).  It will has built in eqns for one and two site direct 
binding experiments (saturation plots) as well as competition/displacement 
binding experiments.  If you need to enter your own equations (ie: to go to 3 
sites etc.), Prism may not be ideal.  (and yes...non-linear curve fits are the 
way to go...forget about scatchard analysis).   Of course, GraphPad also sells 
DOS software that does similar things (called GraphPad/InPlot?).

A general data analysis package (also Windows), is Origin (from Microcal).  
None of the data binding routines are built in (although the logistic eqn 
is...for dose response experiments), but it is really easy to enter your own 
equations.  Or, for a DOS package, SigmaPlot works great (no built in eqns 
except logistic,  but great for user entered).

For shareware type packages, 'Techplot' (I think that is what it is called) is 
still floating around out there (perhaps on a SIMTEL site).  This appears to 
be a pre-release of PSI Plot (or the name was changed or something).  I used 
it for awhile, and it seemed to work ok, but had a few minor problems.

Anyway...look for a package with non-linear curve fitting, with both built in 
equations, and the ability to enter your own.

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