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>Subject: GCG/SRS
>Date: 6 Jan 1995 13:44:31 -0000

>In a recent weekly update of the EBI databank appeared the sequences of 
>yeast chromosome II and a long E. coli contig, both of them having more 
>than 350,000 bp. As you know, GCG will split them into 2 parts.

>Now, the second part of the GCG formatted files contains NO accession 
>number. When SRS builds its indices from the GCG files, it is confused by 
>the absence of AC (at least that's what I understand) and it crashes.
>Very very ennoying...

Yes, we too have this problem when trying to index Genbank with SRS on 
our VAX GCG system. There are now three sequences in Genbank longer than 
350,000 bases that cause this problem. I have been in contact with Thure 
Etzold, and he has been aware of the problem and has been working on a 
solution. As soon as he has made the necessary changes to the SRS code, I am 
sure that he will release the fix to the net.

 Thure has always been very diligent in responding to problems, and I would 
like to thank him for his work and the superb search utility, SRS. It is by 
far the best database searching utility I have used.


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