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In article <3ecmoj$nf6 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, pburch at roc.mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu (Paula Burch) writes:
> One of our users wants a program that can keep track of the maps
> of a 100 or so plasmids and has the ability to draw the plasmid,
> name its parts, and give a reference if appropriate. She points
> out that while programs such as MacVector will do some of this, 
> they cost in the thousands of dollars and represent rather 
> extreme overkill for what she wants to do. She says there's 
> got to be something simpler that will do what she needs.
> Any suggestions?

Scientific and Educational Software (P.O. Box 440, State Line, PA (717)597-5307
has a good PC package called "Clone" which allows you to do your cloning
strategies, draw maps of the finished labeled plasmid and store it in a 
"database".  The "Enhance" program allows you to make nice construction 
diagrams from all the pieces.  The price isn't bad if I remember correctly, I
think it was in the hundreds (as opposed to thousands) and the updates have 
been good.

BTW, I do not work for them...     Hope this helps.

Newell Bascomb

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