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There is a program called CLONE from Scientific and Educational Software 
that is superb for drawing and storing plasmid maps.  It runs under DOS 
and is relatively inexpensive

> Paula Burch (pburch at roc.mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
> > One of our users wants a program that can keep track of the maps
> > of a 100 or so plasmids and has the ability to draw the plasmid,
> > name its parts, and give a reference if appropriate.

> > She's interested in a PC program, if possible, but if there's a
> > solution to her needs involving a UNIX program, we can install it
> > for her on our system, and we're also interested in Mac solutions. 
> > We have access to the GCG package and the IG Suite.

> The GCG program PLASMIDMAP is able to draw plasmids. If the sequence
> is available, PLASMIDMAP input can be generated from MAP; otherwise,
> you have to fiddle with an ASCII editor (it's not too difficult when
> you have got used to it). PLASMIDMAP can add a few lines of text to
> the plasmid drawing, if this is sufficient for the reference.

> AFAIK there is no free plasmid drawing program for Microsoft Windows.
> I'm not sure about programs for DOS.

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