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Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Wed Jan 4 09:56:24 EST 1995

Paula Burch (pburch at roc.mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
> One of our users wants a program that can keep track of the maps
> of a 100 or so plasmids and has the ability to draw the plasmid,
> name its parts, and give a reference if appropriate.

> She's interested in a PC program, if possible, but if there's a
> solution to her needs involving a UNIX program, we can install it
> for her on our system, and we're also interested in Mac solutions. 
> We have access to the GCG package and the IG Suite.

The GCG program PLASMIDMAP is able to draw plasmids. If the sequence
is available, PLASMIDMAP input can be generated from MAP; otherwise,
you have to fiddle with an ASCII editor (it's not too difficult when
you have got used to it). PLASMIDMAP can add a few lines of text to
the plasmid drawing, if this is sufficient for the reference.

AFAIK there is no free plasmid drawing program for Microsoft Windows.
I'm not sure about programs for DOS.


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