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John Dempster J.dempster at strath.ac.uk
Tue Feb 28 06:58:49 EST 1995

In article <3it1ue$2p7 at tali.hsc.colorado.edu>, harris at essex.HSC.Colorado.edu (harris) says:
>I recently obtained an ADAC 4801A data acquisition card for the IBM PC.
>This card is supposed to be a clone of the Data Translation DT2801 board.
>I found some software on the Net (Patchit) which supports the DT2821 board?
>Anyone know if this software would work on our DT2801 clone board?  I'm 
>just starting A/D so I don't want to foul things up right from the start.
>By the way, does anyone know of any other software to get data from A/D 
>boards and where I can get it?  I'm doing rudimentary electrophysiology
>using Xenopus oocytes.
>Thanks in advance,
>                John Mihic

The DT2801A is quite different in design from the DT2821. I would not
expect a program written to work with the DT2821 to also work the
the DT2801A.

You are welcome to FTP a copy of my own electrophysiology software,
which does work with the DT2801A among other boards,
from my file server's anonymous FTP account.

ppserver.dpp.strath.ac.uk (

The files are in the directory


Copy the files


Copy the first 4 files on to a floppy disc and use it to install the software.
WCPDOC.ZIP is a manual in Word for Windows format.

Best Wishes
John Dempster
Dept. Physiology & Pharmacology

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