What is the best Mol.Bio Sofware for the Mac?

Patricia Johansen johansen at pharm.med.upenn.edu
Mon Feb 27 15:41:40 EST 1995

Our lab is interested in purchasing Mac-compatible software (native
software for the power-mac prefered) to do the following tasks:

1)  Allow the comparison of multiple DNA and/or protein sequences;

2)  examine hydrophobicity plots of proteins;

3)  determine restriction sites in DNA sequences;

4)  aid in the developement of primers for PCR (and determine optimal
conditions for using those primers);

5)  determine glycosylation sites, phosphorylation sites, structural
motifs, and other interesting tid-bits about proteins given either the
protein or DNA sequences;

6) help in developing chimeric receptors;

7)  any other features that are useful for molecular biological studies.

Any help in locating software (both commercial, shareware, or freeware)
would be most appreciated.  We are looking for software that uses a
Macintosh-interface (most of the members of my lab are scared by anything
that resembles a DOS or Unix system, and they are terrified by the Blast
e-mail server).  Of course, I'm personally interested in finding out as
much as I can about available software for either Mac or Unix-based
systems, so any info that you send will be appreciated.

I don't usually read the newsgroups, so could you please send responses to
me by e-mail at the address shown below:
        littman at pharm.med.upenn.edu

Once again, thank you for your help. 


Louis Littman

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