FoxPro: help needed!

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 27 07:10:37 EST 1995

crebeiz at UIUC.EDU (C. Rebeiz) writes:

>>=A5  Does FoxPro provide a programming language so that I can automatize
>>certain recurring task, or create a user shell etc, or do I need the Prof.
>>version for that?


Yep.  It uses a form of dBase, I believe.  I have only dabbled with it
a bit to write a friendly front end for our database of cell lines
frozen down in liquid nitrogen.  I have found the speed to be pretty
good, considering it's a 7,500 entry database and I'm having to
manipulate it on an old Macintosh Classic running System 6.  However,
the one thing I don't like about our version is that you have to state
the length fields are going to be, with the exception of the 'memo'
field type. However, when browsing the database, this memo field does
not show its contents, which I find rather annoying!


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