>Phosphoimagers and analysis software

Hammel_Christian cdn at nsun2.hmi.de
Mon Feb 27 04:02:52 EST 1995

We use a phosphoimager-system named bas1000 from Fuji to scan SDS-PAGE gels
with 75-Se-labelled Proteins. Originally it comes either with a Mac or a
Sun computer. The system works very stable and reliable. I don't know the
Mac-software. The software for Sun-Workstations isn't very good because it
doesn't allow saving the results of any operations with the picture. So we
replaced it with a software-package named pdi which allows all operations
we need. As this program isn't very easy to use, we usually use the Sun-soft-
ware only for scanning our gels. For all further work we use a PC-software
named TINA which is a program for MS-Windows produced by the vendor of the
imager. It's easy to use. It allows quantitative data analysis, profiling 
of single lanes, calibration, etc with 1024 grey-steps. It allows conversion
of the image into 8-bit grey-scale-TIFF and other formats. It also allows
all operations with the image necessary for publication as labelling of the

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