Summary : Enzyme Kinetics software (short)

Fourie Joubert fourie at ccnet.up.ac.za
Mon Feb 27 15:09:50 EST 1995


A while ago I asked about enzyme kinetics free software. This is what I got 
(Thanks to the contributors):
There is a program called hyper in the CICA archive that seems to be what you 
want. It is in: ftp://ftp.cica.indiana.edu/pub/pc/win3/util/hyper.zip
its description is: "Program for analysis of enzyme-kinetic data". You may 
want to look at a mirror of the CICA archive closer to you, below is a list of 
known mirrors.
A Hypercard stack for the mac called Enzyme kinetics is available from 
ftp.bio.indiana.edu:/molbio/mac/ enzymekinetics.hqx
The kinsim package for mac and unix is available from 
Stephen Brooks sent me a very nice kinetics program. His e-mail address 
is sbrooks at isdtcp2.hwc.ca

Enjoy your day!


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