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Forum Chair:
Brigadier General Russ Zajtchuk
US Army Medical Research and Material Command
Fort Detrick
Frederick, MD

Department of Defense Co-Chair:
COL Anna Chacko, MD, Chairman of Radiology 
Brooke Army Medical Center 
San Antonio, Texas 

International Co-Chair
Harold Glass, PhD, Department of Imaging Physics
Hammersmith Post Graduate Hospital
London, United Kingdom

AUSA Collaboration:
GEN Jack Merritt (ret)
Washington, DC

The McLean Hilton at Tyson's Corner
7920 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
March 27-29, 1995

For registration information contact:
Mark Schnur
Medical Advanced Technology Management Office
schnur at ftdetrck-atmo1.army.mil

Mission Statement: 

The DOD has focused on the global research, development and deployment of
sophisticated communication, management and imaging network systems, which
will become an integral part of patient care activities. What lessons can
we learn from the experience of the DOD and others? What can we expect in
the future? 

A national forum has been organized to develop a direction for the future
by addressing these demanding questions and seeking the advice of experts
in academics, industry and the medical community. Submitted papers will be
considered for  inclusion in poster sessions. 

On January 30, 1995, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the
Honorable Newt Gingrich speaking before the American Hospital Association
challenged US medicine with the following:

" I come here today to ask the American Hospital Association and all of
its members to profoundly rethink your stance and your assumptions, to
literally say erase the board.  I don't care what your positions were as
of 9 this morning, just drop all of them and rethink it . . . . if we
could cut three to five years out of the transition from R.&D., to
treatment, and if we could be networked to things like Internet, so that
every doctor and every hospital has equal access, equal information, so
that literally when you walk in, you're entering the world body of
knowledge. . . . And I'll tell you, people like the U.S. Army are doing
it.  They're trying to design systems where a soldier who's been shot and
has a particular problem, is by distance medicine being connected directly
from the field hospital to the finest specialist on the planet.
Now we can do that for our young men and women in uniform because we have
a large system, systematically thinking through it.  But then we ought to
transfer that to everybody else ."

Who Should Attend: 

The Forum is intended for those involved in the process of reengineering
health care.  This includes hospital administrators, those involved in
medical informatics, and other health providers, scientists, engineers and
facility planners, members of academia and industry with a special focus
on practical approaches to advanced technology as it applies to medicine.

Paul R. Zimnik, D.O.
Capt, USAF, MC
ProMed Project Manager
Medical Advanced Technology Management Office
Ft. Detrick
Frederick, MD  21702-5000
webmaster at ftdetrck-atmo1.army.mil

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