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In article <3ik1rn$re2$1 at mhadf.production.compuserve.com>, Randall Isaac <72610.2445 at CompuServe.COM> writes:
>>From my own experience I can say that this group seems to be 
>>monitoredby people from commercial software companies and they 
>>will contact you and offer their ware.
> Speaking as a software vendor, I don't generally email people
> who post on this forum, since they are usually looking for
> free ftp software.  If someone IS interested in hearing
> from commercial software vendors they might want mention
> that in the posting, as well as the computer they have (Mac,
> PC, Unix) and their price range.  While vendors are happy to
> send info to people who want it (of course) most don't want
> to send out unwanted Internet junk mail. 
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Oddly enough, I find this newsgroup to be by far the most useful of the
20 or so that I scan.  It is probably least useful for very general 
questions of the "does anyone have any idea where to start getting
sequence analysis software?" type.  These questions are hard work to
answer but I have seen numerous helpful folks giving answesr nonetheless.
It is exetremely useful for keeping in touch with new software announcements.
It amazes me how I can have a program running within 20 minutes of seeing
an ftp address (on a good day).  For me personally, I find this group
to be unbelievably powerful for announcing my own new software.  I have
only done this here a couple of times.  Within
a few days of a single announcement, hundreds of copies of a new program will
have made their way all round the world and will get further distributed
from other servers.  

Just my 15 pfennigs of wisdom for today,
Des Higgins

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