CDROM Software (Incredible Prices!)

source source at shadow.net
Sat Feb 25 00:20:17 EST 1995

  The Source, a large wholesale distributor of computer cdrom software/hardware 
has now made it easier then ever for you to save money!  Their World Wide Web 
site offers an up-to-date listing of hundreds of products. Making your visit an 
enjoyable one, The Source has categorized, alphabetized and included full 
descriptions for all available items.  Visit our virtual store front today at: 
Fax Line			(305) 753.9171 
Information		(305) 753.1150 
Orders Only		(800) 370.1150 
E-Mail Address		(source at shadow.net) 
World Wide Web		(http://www.shadow.net/~source) 


	7th Guest		$18.95
	Body Works 3.0	$35.95
	Carmen Sandiego	$16.95
	Grolier's Encl. '95	$29.95
	HELL		$23.95
	Mayo Clinic	$16.95
	Nascar		$29.95
	Rise of Robots	$29.95
	Quarantine	$34.95

Hundreds more....	

	Thank you for your interest in our firm!

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