Summary for Mac Sequence Analysis Software Request

Fri Feb 24 12:32:26 EST 1995

Hello! Folks:
I posted an request a week ago. Thanks to Doug and David I have had the
information I need. The following is a summary of what I have learnt so far.

1. HyperCard
For current version, contact Doug. For downloading a somewhat older version
@ ftp.bio.indiana.edu /molbio/mac/dnastacks_1xx.hqx where xx is some
version number (current is n7). Practice on DNA file in the folder Sample
Input & Output/Aligner Sample Data, to get the named string format required.
Go to a "utility card" in DNA Translator stack and choose "String Nucleotides"
from the Convert menu. Somewhere in the resulting dialog there is a
"Similarity Matrix" (?) or similarly named choice.

Doug Eernisse <DEernisse at fullerton.edu>
Dept. Biological Sciences MH282
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92634

2. GeneWorks
GeneWorks, a commercial software package from Intelligenetics. Information
or demo are free of charge.

David Helmreich
IntelliGenetics, Inc.
700 E. El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone:  1-800-876-9994
Fax:    1-415-962-7302
E-Mail: dhelmrei at presto.ig.com

The following is the original message I posted on the net.

Hello! Netters:

   Would anyone know where I could FTP/Fetch/Gopher a Macintosh version
DNA/protein sequence analysis program which allows me to get the actual numbers
(XX%) for the homology between two or more sequences? We have MacVector here.
But it does not do it, instead it only aligns two sequences and I have to
count the identical residues in order to get the numbers. Thanks!

                               Jian Liu @ Queen's University, Canada

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