GCG epsf graphs to Mac help

Klaus Salger salger at wap18.zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Feb 22 18:08:38 EST 1995

Ibelgaufts at vms.biochem.mpg.de wrote:
: Dear netters,
: I try to get epsf files generated by GCG into Freehand 4.0 on a Mac and
: only get rectangles with diagonals in it. They print out well on a
: Laserprinter. Is there a Macintosh graphic programme that would allow me to
: _see_ the graphics on the screen for further editing?
: thanks for your help
: Horst

I think Freehand can't display postscript files. You could use something
like MacGhostscript to look at the files but as far as I know MacGhostscript
doesn't allow editing of the files. If you have Illustrator or a program
that is able to read (and edit?) Illustrator files you should try
Both programs are FTPable from
/graphicsutil (and from a lot of other mac software archives).

Hope this helps, tschuess,

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