PairWise and SearchWise 1.1

Ewan Birney birney at molbio.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 15:30:25 EST 1995

   **** PairWise and SearchWise ****

PairWise and SearchWise have had a small upgrade to version 1.1
This is principly to remove a rather glaring bug about reverse
strand alignments.

Also the HTML help and installation guide have moved to a 
more robust server at


If people missed the orginal release of PairWise and SearchWise:
These programs employ a method to align a protein sequence or
protein profile to a DNA sequence conceptually translating in all
six frames and allowing for frame shifts and introns between the
frames on-the-fly. This proves to be quite a useful feature.

The installation help is slowly improving due to people complaining
to me about it.

If anyone is interested the biologist's search palette has also moved


If anyone wants more info, or get onto a small mailing list used for
me to distribute minor updates or complain about the programs
then do email me.

ewan birney

birney at molbiol.ox.ac.uk


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