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Valery F. Thompson valeryt at ag.arizona.edu
Wed Feb 22 08:39:18 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950217230522.4163B-100000 at corona> Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona> writes:
>From: Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona>
>Subject: Re: Free MolBio Software Offer
>Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 23:10:28 -0700

>On 20 Jan 1995, Aaron Pawlyk wrote:

>> It's Windows 3.1 based and easy to use
>> Performs restriction site analysis, dinucleotide frequencies, and
>>       open reading frame analysis used Kozak sequences
>> I am currently adding a nice graphical plasmid restriction map feature
>> as well as protein translation/analysis features.

>Is it, or would it be capable of, reading sequences from GeneBank, etc, so 
>that tedious hand-entering of DNA sequences would be minimized?  Will it 
>be able to translate from DNA to AA and vis versa so that AA sequences 
>from Swiss-Prot could be entered?

Sorry, I must of missed the original thread for this article.  Could someone 
please post the original again.  I would be very interested in obtaining a 
Windows based program for the types of analysis listed above.


Val Thompson
Muscle Biology Group
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
valeryt at ag.arizona.edu

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