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> James P. Gray (jp at u.washington.edu) wrote:
> : Does anyone know of a good and preferably cheap program which allows 
> : an IBM type machine running under the DOS/Windows environment to read
> : Mac formatted floppies?
> : Thanks,
> : 		-James-
> Far as I've been able to determine, you can't.  Apple won't "give away" the
> disk format for folks to use to create such a program.  However, you can
> read (and write) PC disks on a Mac.  That's how I have to do it.  :-(
> Susan

You can!

                         MacOn/MacOff Demo

MacOn/MacOff is a unique utility from ShirtPocket Software that allows
you to read and write Macintosh formatted HD floppy disks, CD-ROM
disks and cartridges using your PC's 1.44MB floppy or SCSI drive.

Once it is installed, MacOn/MacOff is completely transparent. There is
no need to worry if the floppy or removable disk you have is Macintosh
or DOS formatted. Just use your standard disk utilities that you are
already accustomed to.

Since most of the major applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,
WordPerfect, Quark Xpress, etc) use the same, or similar, files on both
the Macintosh and DOS, editing the file is simple once it can be accessed
by the other machine. This is where MacOn/MacOff steps in. DOS can't read 
a Macintosh floppy. But with MacOn/MacOff installed, simply edit the file
on the Macintosh floppy just as though it was a DOS floppy.

How do I run the demo?
This demo (momodemo.exe) simulates how MacOn/MacOff works.

To run the demo:

1) Place a 1.44 MB Macintosh floppy in your 3 1/2" 1.44MB drive.


2) Type:


   You will then see a help screen and a simulated DOS prompt such as:

   Volume "<floppy name>" found


        MacOn/MacOff Demonstration
        Copyright 1993 ShirtPocket Software Inc.
        All rights reserved


      q               -  Quit
      cd    dirname   -  Change current directory
      copy  src dst   -  Copy from src to dest file
      del   file      -  Delete a file
      dir   name      -  List contents of directory
      ldir  name      -  List longname contents of directory
      mkdir dirname   -  Create a directory
      rmdir dirname   -  Delete an empty directory
      set   filename  -  Set the creator and type of a file

   If you do not have a 3 1/2" 1.44MB floppy drive or the floppy disk you
   inserted is not a Macintosh high density (HD) floppy, you will see an
   error message.

3) Next, you can use any of the commands to copy files from the floppy
   to your hard disk, show a directory or even make a new directory. In the
   directory listing, both the short (DOS) and long (Macintosh) names are
   shown. Macintosh directory and file names can be up to 31 characters long
   and can include spaces, brackets, etc. Since DOS directories and 
   file names are shorter, each Macintosh filename is converted to unique
   DOS short name.

+ Remember, this demo is an application that simulates the real product. +
+ The real MacOn/MacOff is a TSR that transparently installs itself      +
+ into DOS or Windows.                                                   +

When copying to the Macintosh floppy, momodemo asks you to set the file's
creator and type. These are used by the Macintosh to determine what type
of file it is and what application is used to view or modify it. DOS 
applications usually use file's 3 character extension. So remember to 
set the file's creator and type according to the following table when copying
a DOS file to a Macintosh floppy. And you may need to rename a file copied
from a Macintosh floppy so that the proper application can read it.

     Common DOS file extension <-> Macintosh creator/type mappings

   DOS file extension  Macintosh creator, type  Description
   ------------------  -----------------------  -------------------------------
   .doc                MSWD WDBN                Microsoft Word file
   .dbf                Anon BINA                DBase file
   .pub                ALD2 PUBF                Aldus PageMaker 2.0 file
   .pub                ALD3 ALB3                Aldus PageMaker 3.0 file
   .xls                XCEL XLS                 Microsoft Excel data file 
   .xlm                XCEL XLM                 Microsoft Excel macro file
   .xlc                XCEL XLC                 Microsoft Excel file
   .wp                 SSIW WP50                Word Perfect 5.0 file
                       ???? TEXT                ASCII text file

What is the difference between this demo and the real product?

1) The real MacOn/MacOff product is a TSR that transparently installs itself
   into DOS or Windows.

2) ALL DOS commands will work (not just the ones in the demo). With 
   MacOn/MacOff installed, a Macintosh floppy is treated just as though
   it is a standard DOS floppy.

3) Windows will see the Macintosh floppy just like a standard DOS floppy. All
   operations that can be performed on a DOS floppy will work on the Macintosh

4) CD-ROM drives, Syquest drives, and optical SCSI drives are supported under
   DOS and Windows.

5) Macintosh file creator and type are automatically set according to the
   DOS file name extensions and vice-versa.  

How does the real MacOn/MacOff work ?
MacOn/MacOff is a simple terminate and stay resident (TSR) that can
be loaded when your PC is booted. 

1) Run MacOn/MacOff by typing:


   (or place the line in your autoexec.bat file). 

2) MacOn/MacOff searches for your 1.44MB floppy drive and any SCSI
   drives that use removable media (CD-ROM's, Syquest cartridges,
   MO drives, etc) and installs it's Macintosh translator.

3) Insert a Macintosh formatted HD floppy in your 1.44MB drive
   or a Macintosh formatted CD-ROM or cartridge in your SCSI drive.
4) Use your favorite DOS or Windows utility and use the Macintosh
   floppy just like it was a DOS floppy. You can type "dir a:"
   under DOS to show the directory, or "cd" to any directory on
   the Macintosh floppy. Under Windows, simply click on the floppy
   icon and all of the Macintosh files show up. You can copy, rename,
   delete files and directories, and so on. It's that simple. 

What is MacOn/MacOff good for?

..Read your friend's Mac files...
..Access Mac clip art & QuickTime CD-ROM's...
..Access your customer's Mac formatted Syquest cartridge...
..Solve the incompatible floppy "sneakernet" problem...

Since most of the top applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel,
Quark XPress, PageMaker) use a similar file format on both DOS and
Macintosh disks, once you find a way to get the file to your DOS
disk, you can access the data exactly the way the Mac does.

But copying the file from the Mac floppy/removable disk was always
the hard part. Now it's as easy as a DOS or Window's copy.

How compatible is MacOn/MacOff? 
MacOn/MacOff works with DOS 3.31, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and Windows 3.0 & 3.1.
Since it is a TSR, it can be loaded into high memory thereby freeing
up your conventional memory space.

How reliable is MacOn/MacOff?
At ShirtPocket Software, we have been reading and writing Macintosh
formatted hard disks and removable disks since 1990. Our EasyServer
high performance AppleShare file server is based on a bare-bones PC
platform, but reads and writes Macintosh hard disks. 

EasyServer has been rated "Excellent" by MacWeek and overall it
has tied with Novell for best AppleShare server product. We have
users that have pumped hundreds of gigabytes of data through
EasyServer ranging from small removable cartridges to huge 
multi-gigabyte hard drives.

MacOn/MacOff uses this technology to give DOS users a simple, but
highly effective utility.

What does MacOn/MacOff cost?
We believe in simple, effective and inexpensive solutions to people's
problems. That's why MacOn/MacOff retails for $70.

When will MacOn/MacOff be available?
It will ship in late Fall of 1993.

How do I get a copy of MacOn/MacOff?
Right now we are building a mailing list of interested customers.
Fill out the enclosed form and mail it to us or send us your
name and address electronically and we will notify you when
MacOn/MacOff starts shipping.

Feel free to give this demo out to anyone you know. There is no 
charge to use the demo or to copy it to another disk. You cannot,
though, charge for this demo.

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 [X] Yes, I'm interested in MacOn/MacOff. Please add me in your
     mailing list.

 Name: _________________________________________________________

 Address: ______________________________________________________

 City: _______________________ State: ______ ZIP _______________


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Send to:

ShirtPocket Software
P.O.Box 40666
Mesa, AZ 85274

America Online:RickFlott
Internet:shirtpocket at applelink.apple.com

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