WANTED: SUPERQUAD titration fitting program

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at rigel.bmc.uu.se
Sun Feb 19 12:14:18 EST 1995

In article <3hu743$e2j at nnrp.ucs.ubc.ca>, sebrown at unixg.ubc.ca (Sue Brown) writes:
|> I would like to obtain a copy of the program SUPERQUAD for fitting
|> potentiometric titrations.  Is it available by ftp from anywhere?  Are
|> there any other similar programs available on the net?  Any help
|> appreciated,
|> Sue
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|> Dr Sue Brown                             sebrown at interchg.ubc.ca
|> Dept Biochemistry, University of British Columbia
|> 2146 Health Sciences Mall, Vancouver  B.C.  V6T 1Z3  CANADA
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you could try asking on sci.chem
i think peter gans is there quite often & he might know


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