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WEThings: Wetland Habitat Indicators for Non-Game Species
     (Wetland dependent amphibians, reptiles and mammals
     of New England)

By: Alison L. Whitlock, Nancy M. Jarman, J. Antonio Medina
     and Joseph S. Larson

Summary: Many wildlife species are undergoing serious population
declines throughout their ranges due to habitat fragmentation and
other anthropogenic effects. State and federal agencies are subject
to increasing pressure to identify important habitat features for
impact assessment, mitigation, and conservation initiatives. Until
now, no methodology existed that allowed agencies to predict
potential habitat for wetland-dependent amphibians, reptiles, and
mammals. Funded by the New England Transportation Consortium and
the Federal Highway Administration, WEThings serves as a
methodology to meet this need in the New England states. The
WEThings method is based on an extensive literature review of
measurable habitat characteristics conducted for 22 amphibian, 15
reptile, and 22 mammal species, many of which are listed as rare,
threatened, or endangered in at least one of the six New England
states. Detailed summaries of the literature base were compiled for
each species and serve as the basis from which predictive models
were produced. The models may be used individually but also have
been combined into a software package that provides a composite
habitat predicting model for all species. WEThings enables
researchers, consultants, and state and federal regulatory agencies
to better predict potential habitat for these species.

Volume I: Instructions and Windows-based disk.
Volume II: Literature review and individual species models

Price: $75.00, prepaid, including postage.

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