Please, help! - Vector NT software

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Sat Feb 18 01:29:19 EST 1995

On Tue, 24 Jan 1995, Dima Klenchin wrote:
> Could someone provide any information about DNA analysis program
> called "Vector NT"? (Determines optimal subcloning strategy and draws maps). 
> It was highly recommended and I will probably buy it. I need to know vendor, 
> if possible, phone/email, how much is it, and if it is possible to download it 
> from anywhere to make sure that's what I need. 

I have the demo disk for this program.  It sure looks pretty but in
playing around with it, it seemed rather complicated to operate...and
no instruction booklet to go with the demo.  

I recently moved and have temporarily misplaced the disk so I cannot check
the manufacturer right now.  When I find it I will let you know.  I recall
a butterfly on the label so it may be a New England Biolabs product. 

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