The rest is silence

Fyodor Urnov ST403278 at brownvm.brown.edu
Sat Feb 18 11:56:34 EST 1995

This is vaguely reminiscent of the Monthy Python
sketch about the Cheese Shop:

"--Danish Blue?...
 --It's not much of a cheese shop, is it?!!?"

I read through the last 500 posters on this conference, and found
about 5 questions of the same basic drift, naemlich, where does
one buy a nice DOS/Windows/Mac software package for standard
molecular biological work--i.e, storing sequences, locating restriction
sites and ORFs etc. etc.

No one answered.

What is this?  A newsgroup certainly uncontaminated by cheese?!
Doesn't anyone use anything except GCG?


Fyodor Urnov
Brown University BioMed

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