Functional MRI Software

Robert W. Cox rwcox at post.its.mcw.edu
Fri Feb 17 15:53:15 EST 1995

                         Announcing MCW AFNI
                     Medical College of Wisconsin
                  Analysis of Functional NeuroImages

Software for viewing and analyzing human brain functional MRI (FMRI)
results overlaid in color onto higher resolution anatomical data.

  -- 3D data sets, viewed in cuts along the three cardinal planes
     (i.e., sagittal, axial, and coronal);
  -- transformation to stereotaxic (Talairach-Tournoux) coordinates,
     using manual labeling of anatomical landmarks (e.g., the
     anterior and posterior commissures);
  -- merger of multiple data sets;  projection onto orthogonal planes;
  -- input of 8 and 16 bit image files
     (8 bit: "raw pgm";  16 bit: GE Signa and "raw data" formats).

  -- Unix workstation + X11 8/12-bit Pseudocolor graphics;
  -- Motif 1.2 and ANSI C compiler needed to compile;
  -- Binaries are available for HP-UX 9.0x, SGI IRIX 5.2, and SunOS
     4.1.3 (the last is statically linked, and does not require the
     Motif libraries to be present on the target system);
  -- PostScript printer to print the manual.

How to get it:
  -- Print out the form below, copy it onto your institutional letterhead,
     sign it, and FAX it to 414-266-8515 (snail-mail is also OK).
  -- I will then send you e-mail about how to access MCW AFNI, and put you
     on the e-mailing list for notice about bug fixes, other upgrades,
     and so forth.
  -- This procedure is to ensure that I have a list of users, and that the
     users are legitimate researchers.

  -- $0.00 (but you have to pay for the FAX or stamp).

* Robert W. Cox (rwcox at mcw.edu)
* Biophysics Research Institute
* Medical College of Wisconsin
* 8701 Watertown Plank Road
* Milwaukee WI 53226

   MCW AFNI, its associated programs, and its documentation are provided
   as is, and no warranty for their correctness or usefulness for any
   purpose is made or implied by the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW),
   or by the author of the software.  MCW accepts no liability for any
   defects in this software, or for any damages caused by use of this

Ownership, Conditions of Use, and Restrictions:
  -- Permission is granted to make use of and to make copies of the MCW
     AFNI software and documentation for non-commercial research purposes
     only.  Ownership of MCW AFNI and all copies is retained by the
     Medical College of Wisconsin.
  -- Patient-care applications are prohibited.  MCW AFNI has not been
     evaluated by or approved by the United States FDA.
  -- Use by for-profit organizations is prohibited without prior arrangement
     and written permission.
  -- Redistribution of MCW AFNI, or any derived work, outside the receiving
     institution is prohibited without prior permission.
  -- Copies may be made within the receiving institution without separate
     permission from the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  -- Technical support (e.g., the fixing of bugs) for MCW AFNI is not

I agree to abide by the terms and restrictions above.



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* Robert W. Cox
* Biophysics Research Institute
* Medical College of Wisconsin
* 8701 Watertown Plank Road
* Milwaukee WI 53226
* FAX 414-266-8515

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