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Warren L. Kovach WarrenK at kovcomp.demon.co.uk
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Frank Lamboy) writes:
> Dear netters:
> Can anyone tell me if a version of the program CLUSTAN is available for IBM
> compatibles or MACs, and if so, how to obtain it?  The last time I used it
> was in 1984 on an IBM mainframe, and it was by far the best computer
> program for cluster analysis then in existence.  Furthermore, I have not
> seen a better one yet!  At the time it was distributed by David Wishart
> (sorry if this is mispelled) out of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Thanks in advance
> for your assistance on this.

You might want to check out my shareware program MVSP, which does a 
variety of cluster analyses.

You can get full details on MVSP from my web page 
(http://www.compulink.co.uk/kovcomp) and the shareware version 
can be obtained by FTP from ftp.compulink.co.uk, 
/pub/kovcomp/mvsp21k.zip.  If you would like me to e-mail more 
information let me know.

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