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>> Dear netters:
>> Can anyone tell me if a version of the program CLUSTAN is available for IBM
>> compatibles or MACs, and if so, how to obtain it?  The last time I used it
>> was in 1984 on an IBM mainframe, and it was by far the best computer
>> program for cluster analysis then in existence.  Furthermore, I have not
>> seen a better one yet!  At the time it was distributed by David Wishart
>> (sorry if this is mispelled) out of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Thanks in advance
>> for your assistance on this.
>> -- 
>> Warren F. Lamboy                            "It's easy if you know how to
> Warren,
> If you have access to a WWW browser (Mosaic, Netscape, etc.) you can check
> out the following URL:
> gopher://ftp.bio.indiana.edu:70/11/IUBio-Software+Data/molbio/mac/0powermac
> Which is a list of PowerMac native software at Indiana U. for molecular
> biology.  ClustalV is one of them.  Even thought the authors decided to
> keep the UNIX, text based interface, it runs amazingly fast on a PowerMac.
> Hope this helps,
> jason
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