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John Kuszewski johnk at spasm.niddk.nih.gov
Thu Feb 16 22:20:54 EST 1995

In article <3i0mduINNmi8 at s850.mwc.edu>, sgough at s850.mwc.edu (stephen gough) writes:
|> I would like to develop an interface for laboratory exercise data,
|> images from lecture, etc. on our in-house system.  I want to go with
|> Windows, and obviously use some kind of object-oriented development pkg.
|> Unfortunately, the last time I programmed I used 'C' (w/ curses routines
|> to create rudimentary graphics) so I am ignorant on the newer
|> methodologies.  Can someone point me to an appropriate piece of software
|> to use for this purpose (pref. one that is readily mastered) and perhaps
|> book(s) to use to come up to speed?  Any other pointers would also be
|> greatly appreciated.  If one is fairly good at conventional programming
|> is it difficult to make the leap to the newer systems?  (Time, as
|> always, is of the essence.)

If time is of the essence, forget trying to switch to the 
object-oriented paradigm.  It takes quite a bit of rethinking
and a lot of time to become familiar with the class libraries
that are usually shipped with Smalltalk or C++ compilers.

If time is of the essence, use Visual Basic instead.

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