Software allowing IBM to read Mac disks

medina mario r c-medina at sparc12.die.udec.cl
Fri Feb 17 02:33:04 EST 1995

Susan Farmer (sfarmer at goldsword.com) wrote:
>James P. Gray (jp at u.washington.edu) wrote:
>: Does anyone know of a good and preferably cheap program which allows 
>: an IBM type machine running under the DOS/Windows environment to read
>: Mac formatted floppies?

>: Thanks,

>: 		-James-

>Far as I've been able to determine, you can't.  Apple won't "give away" the
>disk format for folks to use to create such a program.  However, you can
>read (and write) PC disks on a Mac.  That's how I have to do it.  :-(


	Actually, you *can* read high-density Mac Floppies in any 1.44 Mb PC
disk drive. The best programs I've seen for this are Mac-ette and
Macsee, which should be in any SimTel mirror.

	It's *impossible* to read lower density Mac disks in a PC, not
because the format is propietary, but because Mac drives before the
SuperDrive used variable-speed motors for the disk drives. That is, the
disk drive would slow down when reading the outer edge of the disk. PC
hardware uses a constant-speed motor, so it simply can't read those ole
Mac disks.


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