Windows S/W Development

stephen gough sgough at s850.mwc.edu
Thu Feb 16 18:17:18 EST 1995

I would like to develop an interface for laboratory exercise data,
images from lecture, etc. on our in-house system.  I want to go with
Windows, and obviously use some kind of object-oriented development pkg.
Unfortunately, the last time I programmed I used 'C' (w/ curses routines
to create rudimentary graphics) so I am ignorant on the newer
methodologies.  Can someone point me to an appropriate piece of software
to use for this purpose (pref. one that is readily mastered) and perhaps
book(s) to use to come up to speed?  Any other pointers would also be
greatly appreciated.  If one is fairly good at conventional programming
is it difficult to make the leap to the newer systems?  (Time, as
always, is of the essence.)


Steve Gough
Mary Washington College
sgough at s850.mwc.edu 

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