Good Mac Statistics Software?

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 16 15:47:45 EST 1995

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> Sorry if this thread has been discussed already, but...

> I am considering several at the moment, (Systat, Statistica, 
> Jmp, StatView and DataDesk), and will be trying some demos.  
> If you have ideas about these or other packages, please email
> me directly.  I will summarize and post a consensus.  
> Thanks,
> Bill Messer                                      


I have tried StatView, and found it quite limited.  Apparently, the
PowerMac version is not all that hot (from friends who ordered it).  I
have purchased GB-Stat, from Dynamic Microsystems.  They are only now beta
testing the PowerMac native version of it, but the 680x0 version runs well
on my PowerMac.  They have extensive support for analysis of variance and
post-hoc tests.  Overall, their available statistic procedures seems very

Another that I would check into is SPSS, Inc.  They have recently released
a brand new version of their SPSS program for mac/PowerMac.  They got rid
of the command line interface, and have gotten some very good reviews.  I
have not used this version, but I would guess they know their stats pretty
well :)

Hope this helps,


Jason L. Buberel
Graduate Student
Nueroscience Pgm
U of Illinois-UC

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