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> Dear netters:
> Can anyone tell me if a version of the program CLUSTAN is available for IBM
> compatibles or MACs, and if so, how to obtain it?  The last time I used it
> was in 1984 on an IBM mainframe, and it was by far the best computer
> program for cluster analysis then in existence.  Furthermore, I have not
> seen a better one yet!  At the time it was distributed by David Wishart
> (sorry if this is mispelled) out of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Thanks in advance
> for your assistance on this.
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If you have access to a WWW browser (Mosaic, Netscape, etc.) you can check
out the following URL:


Which is a list of PowerMac native software at Indiana U. for molecular
biology.  ClustalV is one of them.  Even thought the authors decided to
keep the UNIX, text based interface, it runs amazingly fast on a PowerMac.

Hope this helps,


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