Medline and WinSpirs

Regis Plichart plichart at pasteur.fr
Wed Feb 15 12:42:56 EST 1995

Hello !

We currently use SilverPlatter Medline (last 6 years) with the
WinSpirs v 1.0 software (Like MacSpirs, for Windows).
At the beginning of this week, we received an upgrade od the database
(6CD ROM) and an upgrade of MAcSpirs. Nothing concerning WinSpirs.
The structure of the database has changed and it seems to be important
to upgrade the software. I send a fax each day to SIVERPLATTER, but
I have no response.
Does somebody know if the new bases are compatible with WinSpirs 1.0 ?
Does somebody know if a new version of WinSpirs is available ?
Thanks for help !
Regis Plichart
Informatique Scientifique
Institut de Recherches Medicales L. Malarde
B.P. 30
French Polynesia

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