Mac vrs. Pentium

Bruce K. Kirchoff kirchoff at goodall.uncg.edu
Tue Feb 14 18:17:15 EST 1995

	I am in the market for a new computer.  As a long time IBM clone
user I am hesitant to switch to Mac, but I want to consider all alternatives.
Here is what I want to do with my computer.

1)  Run Adobie Photoshop to assemble photographic images (from an SEM and
     light microscope) into plates, annotate the plates and print them (to a camera
     attached to the SEM) for publication.
2)  Capture images from a high resolution video camera (1000 lines TV, horizontal)
     attached to a light microscope.
3)  Store and back up to tape many images.  I want a least a 1 gig drive and a 
     large tape back up system.
4)  Prepare multimedia presentation for use in class.
5)  I will be connected to a network connected to the internet.
6)  Run drawing programs such as Adobie Illistrator and Professional Draw.  I 
     make diagrams for publication with these programs.
7)  Run normal world processing and database software.  My database (over
     3000 references) is in a DOS program (Procite) and may be difficult to convert.
8)  Do all of the above with good performance.

	What computer would you recomend I purchase?  What options
should I buy?  Do you have a favorite manufacturer for the video and frame
grabber boards for the IBM (or Mac)?  I am interested in any information that
might be helpful.
	I will post a summary of the responses to this newsgroup.

	Thanks in advance.

		Bruce Kirchoff
		University of North Carolina at Greensboro
		email: kirchoff at goodall.uncg.edu

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