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In article <lawa-1402951702470001 at pc0519.ri.afrc.ac.uk>, lawa at bbsrc.ac.uk (Andy Law (Big Nose)) writes:
>Dear all,
>We have a need to manipulate some TIFF images (scans of autorads) on a SUN
>workstation. For some reason, the images are getting distorted when we
>move them to our Macs, so we want to try to crop them and manipulate them
>directly on the SUN before tarting them up with legends etc. on the Mac.
>Can anyone point us in the direction of a suitable program?
>Andy Law
>( Andy.Law @ bbsrc.ac.uk )
>( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

Have you tried xpaint (in X11 contribs), you can find it at

The man page says that it can read TIFF images (at least that is what
 I understand ;-)



the man page :
xpaint(l)                                                           xpaint(l)

  xpaint - Simple Paint program

  xpaint [ -size WIDTHxHEIGHT ] [ -12 ] [ -24 ] [ filenames... ]

  XPaint is a color image editing tool which features most standard paint
  program options. It allows for the editing of multiple images simultane-
  ously and supports various formats, including PPM, XBM, TIFF, etc.

  The functionality of XPaint is divided into a toolbox area for selecting
  the current paint operation and paint windows for modifying/creating
  images.  Each paint window has access to its own color palette and set of
  patterns, although the paint operation in use is globally selected for all

  XPaint runs on a variety of displays.  It should be noted that saving
  images will adapt them to the current display type (i.e. a color image
  loaded on a greyscale screen will be saved as a grey image).

  There is also an extensive on-line help system available.

Command Line Options
  In addition to being able to specify image files to open, the following
  options are available on the command line:

       -size     default width and height for new images

       -12       use a 12 bit PseudoColor visual

       -24       use a 24 bit TrueColor visual

  The toolbox window is displayed when XPaint is started.  The toolbox is
  used to select an operation which can then be applied to any image area
  presented (painting window, fat bits, pattern editor, etc.).  The window
  has a selection of painting operations (as icons) and several pull down

Painting Window
  The painting window holds a canvas area for painting the displayed image,
  menus for performing operations on this image, and primary and secondary
  color/pattern palettes along with buttons for adding to these.

  David Koblas, koblas at netcom.com. I am interested in how this program is
  used, if you find any bugs, I'll fix them.  If you notice any rough spots,
  or think of some way in which it could be better, feel free to drop me a

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