Mike Cherry cherry at fafner.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 13 02:22:04 EST 1995

In article <3hmb7u$eic at crcnis3.unl.edu>,
vitor warwar <vwarwar at unlinfo.unl.edu> wrote:

>     I have a file with app. 50 protein sequences in the Fasta
>format. I would like to reformat that to GCG format. Does anybody
>know how to to that?

If the fasta file is called xxx.fasta you can do this:

    fromfasta xxx.fasta

That will give you all 50 sequences in separate files.  If you want
them into a GCG datalib and there is nothing else in the directory but
the 50 sequences you can then use dataset.

I generally just emacs the file into the PIR format that GCG likes.
Then I use dbindex once I've created the .seq and .ref files.


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