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Mon Feb 13 08:45:40 EST 1995

In article <johan.ahman.1.00F32542 at mbioekol.lu.se>, johan.ahman at mbioekol.lu.se (Johan Åhman) writes:
>Are there any good programs for making sequencing and PCR primers
>on a PC. 
>johan.ahman at mbioekol.lu.se

You should have a look a the following URL.


which will allow you to search for molbio software
Here is one that I turned up that might be of interest.

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AC             BC00155
NAME           OSP
DOMAIN         Oligomer design and synthesis
DESCRIPTION    OSP is a computer program developed to aid in 
DESCRIPTION    selecting oligonucleotide primers for DNA 
DESCRIPTION    sequencing and for the polymerase chain 
DESCRIPTION    reaction.  OSP allows the user to specify (or 
DESCRIPTION    use default) constraints for primer and 
DESCRIPTION    amplified product lengths, %G+C contents,
DESCRIPTION    and (absolute or relative) meltingtemperatures 
DESCRIPTION    for primer 3' nucleotides; and for the maximum 
DESCRIPTION    allowable primer-self,primer-primer, and 
DESCRIPTION    primer-product annealing propensities.
DESCRIPTION    Candidate primer sequences are screened 
DESCRIPTION    against a user-supplied data set of other 
DESCRIPTION    sequences (e.g. repetitive element or vector
DESCRIPTION    sequences) to help minimize the possibility of 
DESCRIPTION    non-specific priming.
DESCRIPTION    Primers meeting all constraints are ranked and 
DESCRIPTION    displayed in order of increasing overall 
DESCRIPTION    ``score'', which is a user-definable weighted 
DESCRIPTION    sum of the above parameter values.
DESCRIPTION    The program is available at no cost from the 
DESCRIPTION    authors in two versions, one of which produces 
DESCRIPTION    text-only output, and the other having an 
DESCRIPTION    interactive X windows graphic interface.
AUTHOR         LaDeana Hillier
RA             Hillier L,  Green P.;
RT             "OSP: A computer program for choosing PCR
RT             and DNA sequencing primers.";
RL             PCR Methods and Applications 1:124-128(1991).
RX             Medline; 93113324.
RX             SeqAnalRef; HILL9101.
ADDRESS        Washington University Medical School
ADDRESS        Department of Genetics, Box 8232, 4566 Scott,
ADDRESS        St. Louis, MO  63110 USA.
CONTACT        LaDeana Hillier lfw at elegans.wustl.edu
SITE           -
OS             VAX/VMS, PC, MAC, and SUN Sparcstations),
OS             or interactive X windows graphics version 
OS             (X-Window version for the Sparc and now for Linux).
VOLUME         -
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