Neural networks in metabolism modeling?

Bignone Franco abignone at igecuniv.cisi.unige.it
Sun Feb 12 11:25:23 EST 1995

T. Mark Reboul (MARK at CUCCFA.CCC.COLUMBIA.EDU) wrote:
: Dear Bionet readers,

: [Apologies if this is a duplicate posting for some of you. I have 
: not seen my earlier attempted posting to bionet.software appear.]

: Is anyone aware of work in metabolic process modeling based on 
: neural network simulation? It seems like a reasonable technique to 
: consider in modeling metabolism, but so far I don't find citations 
: pointing to such work. Thanks for any details/suggestions/comments.

: Mark Reboul				mark at cuccfa.ccc.columbia.edu
: Columbia-Presbyterian Cancer Center
: Computing Facility, P&S 1-420
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Look into
J. Theoret Biol. 1993, vol 161, 231-249.
Neural Networks in Biomedicine, 1994, page 351, World Scientific.
references reported there contain a good base to start.
The beginning of these ideas started around 1963 with Sugita, Jacob, Monod.
See also a ref. search for Newman and Rice, and theoretically Bruce Clarke.
All this stuff is not properly metabolism, ... but complex chemistry,
and gene expression et similia ... by the way .. Stuart Kauffman is
another name to look for of course.

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